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The Main Reason Kwankwaso Was Denied The Use of Eagle Square

There have been public outcry against the Buhari led Federal Government over the refusal of Kwankwaso, a strong contender in 2019 Presidential over the use of Eagle Square.

Nigerians raised their voices over what they termed abuse of Power because same Eagle Square was used by Buhari in 2015 when he was contesting for the position of the President

In the letter signed by Usman Mukhtar Raji, and dated August 27, the management explained that they canceled the prior approval because the political event would disrupt the usual workflow of the Federal Secretariat.

The letter read, “We are sorry to inform you that the event can no longer hold on the said date because it is a political event and the 29th of August, 2018 happens to be a work day, as it would disrupt the usual workflow of the Federal Secretariat.

“We apologize for the oversight on our part to note the date in relation to the nature of the event. We regret every inconvenience caused by this.”

Naija Politico queried further and discovered that the said letter was not the reason for the cancellation and neither was it political witch-hunt as alleged by PDP through Atiku on his official twitter handle in which he said

The last minute cancellation of an approval granted Kwankwaso is unfortunate. On October 15, 2014, under the PDP led administration, then presidential aspirant; Buhari, declared for President at Eagle Square with no hindrance whatsoever. This was a work day.

The Senate President in the Person of Senator Bukola Saraki wrote on his twitter page,

The refusal to allow Senator Kwankwaso’s campaign to utilize Eagle Square for his declaration, despite an earlier approval, sends a wrong message about our democracy, particularly the tolerance level in our politics. Eagle Square belongs to all Nigerians.

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APC which is the ruling party reacted to the said denial

Inability of a Presidential Aspirant to Use Eagle Square. We frown at mischievous attempts in some quarters to blame APC for the inability of a PDP presidential contestant to secure the Eagles Square for his declaration. We read in the media reasons given by facility managers of the Abuja International Conference Centre and Eagles Square not to allow campaigns in its facility on Wednesday to avoid disruption of work flow at the federal secretariat, the main hub of civil servants in Abuja. Hence the allegation is unnecessary and misplaced. We should not be dragged into a private transaction involving entities we have no business with. The 2019 Elections will not be won by cheap campaign ground antics but actual votes from the electorate who are wise and know who is working in their interest. Never again will we return governance to the hands of those that selfishly have held us back for years.

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But the main reason that Kwankwaso was denied the use of Eagle Square dates back to January 29th 2016 when Dr Joe Abah, The Then Director General of Bureau of Public Service Reforms formally complained to Federal Capital Territory Administration about the noise pollution generated from the said Eagle Square

His Complaints were attended to evidenced by the Redeemed Christian Church of God not allowed to use Eagle’s Square.

The program was titled “Divine Encounter” led by Pastor E.A. Adeboye. It ran from January -October, 2016. The first(January) was held at the Eagle Square

And that Church event for February 2016 was moved to the National Stadium, and subsequently till October, 2016 it was the stadium.

In his tweets on 29th August, Dr Joe Abah wrote

In January 2016, as DG, I formally complained to FCTA that the noise from Eagle Square was a nuisance. FCTA agreed that there won’t be any large gatherings until after 4pm. Any contrary approval shouldn’t have been granted. I’ll be attacked for it but I’ll keep telling the truth.The applicant to use Eagle Square should have been told that, on a weekday, they can only use it for large gatherings after 4pm. They would then have a choice on whether to do it in the evening or use an alternative venue.


But why did they approve of it initially?

Was it as a result of corruption or to spite the government?

Who approved of it?

Has there been any other event there during working hours?

This is a question we seek answer to.

Tell us what you think in the comment box.

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