Segun Showunmi, Atiku Spokesman writes to the PDP faithfuls

Dear PDP Faithfuls! Indeed, power to the people! On behalf of the leadership of our great party; the People’s Democratic Party, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Not for once has the exploits of your incorruptible love for our country Nigeria gone unnoticed. We have keenly observed your efforts at what you do best; be it holding the administration, your community leaders, and public office holders at all levels of government accountable for disservice and poor conduct, or spreading the message of hope and goodwill amongst yourselves at home and at work. You are the absolute best!

The indomitable will of the Nigerian people has never been so undiminished, yet the strength and the resilience of all of you who stood by the People’s Democratic Party through her darkest hour, still stands out as a beacon of hope and strength for the whole country to emulate.

On social media in particular, you have spoken the truth to power on countless occasions, risking your freedom to guide the current administration along the democratic path, and curbing their excesses. You spoke up against the ills you witnessed, and engineered even the evolution of our great party, the PDP. You have stood by us, you have defended us, and you have helped rebuild the party to better meet your expectations.

I promise you, we have taken cognizance of your sacrifices, and we recognize your contributions. As it is said, “A people who stand for nothing, will fall for anything”… The PDP voters, the party members, the media fans and followers, the young ones, the enthusiasts, our defenders, all party faithfuls, and even our neighborhood influencers who stood by our great party, will never be let down.

As you stood for what you believed in, you will never fall. And as you take a stand with us in these upcoming elections, you will never stand alone in Nigeria or anywhere else you may find yourselves outside our borders. As we stand together to get our beloved country Nigeria working again, the coming victory shall be yours.

I am certain you all know the magnitude of the task at hand. Once again, you are charged with the highest obligation of a citizen to himself or herself, to the young ones below voting age, to the unborn generations, and to your country. Every four years, our constitution bestows this privilege and immense responsibility to the most responsible hands in the country… you!

This time around however, it is not just an election. This time around, it is not just about chants and slogans. This time around, it is not just about funding the most robust and spectacular campaign. This time around, it is not even just about Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Fellow Nigerians! The upcoming PDP primary elections are scheduled for the 5th and the 6th of October 2018, and will be followed by the general elections in February of 2019. These exercises this time around, are about you. This time around, the elections are a referendum on the future of this great country.

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Atiku Abubakar is the aspirant of choice, and by the divine grace of God, he will become the PDP’s candidate of choice in a few days, but none of this can be achieved without you. I hereby, appeal to each and every one of you to take the power into your able hands, and encourage your leaders to work together and put ‘The Man with The Plan’ on the ballot.

Atiku Abubakar, has proven his love for this country through the Nigerian Customs service. He has shown his commitment to integrity in his service as Nigeria’s first active Vice President. He has demonstrated his commitment to industrial development and job creation through his numerous companies and businesses, and he has removed all doubt in our hearts, that he is the quintessential man of the people.

Let us stand together once more, and charge our leaders to represent our true will at the delegates’ primary election, so that we can take our beloved country away from this pervading sense of hopelessness, the stifling unemployment, the squelching hunger, the smothering idleness, and the unbridled bloodletting, that has permeated our peace-loving and hardworking society.

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Imaging our beloved country being adjudged the poorest in the world; our cities declared the most miserable places to live in, and our people held to be the most corrupt, only surpassed by a crisis-ridden back country in the South Americas.

Back an Atiku Abubakar candidacy for the 2019 general elections, and follow through with the strength of your votes, and I give you my word of honor that every day of His Excellency’s assignment will be spent tirelessly working with you and all leaders at every level of government, to reposition Nigeria in the eyes of the world, and in our hearts. We need to rescue Nigeria. We need to resuscitate our beloved country. Working hand in hand with you our supporters on our side, “my concern will not be whether God is on our side, but that we are on God’s side… because God is always right”; and it is a greater service that we do for the nation, than that which we do for ourselves.

See you all in Port Harcourt. Thank you and God bless every one of you.

Long live the PDP, and long live Nigeria.


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