Omisore denies alleged Alliance with PDP

The Governorship Aspirant of SDP and former deputy Governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore debunks alleged rumors concerning his planned support of PDP candidate.
He wrote on his twitter account;
I must thank everyone who supported the Restoration Agenda for their commitment and work. This is the core of the democracy we seek. We have won the electoral battle in way hitherto unheard of in the state.
You have all done well and I thank you. We shall continue in our demand for good governance, accountability and human dignity. My commitment to this remains total without any prejudice to the next steps we collectively workout.
Our people’s votes have again been manipulated through vote buying, and exploitation of the hunger in our land. Only good governance and committed leadership can drive out this hunger. The quest for this continues.
We shall continue to invest on democratic education and political awareness of our people, so vote buying is totally eliminated in the most peaceful and democratic ways.
The SDP shall not leave the Osun state to corrupt wheeler dealers but shall continue to commit to social justice and equity until we can be assured that our electoral processes are sanitized and give us the state of our dreams
I thank you all.
Please disregard all rumour of any alliance talks with any party/candidate for now. Osun will be great again.
I am delighted that our message of good governance and dignity has reached every corner of the state. Over the past four months, I have worked with committed people who have given time and resources to our shared agenda for restoration.
I am confident that while we might appear to have lost an election, we have won the greater victory; the clarion call by all our people for good governance and accountability. We have positively impacted on electoral campaigns and elections in Osun state.
The SDP campaign was factual, informed and inclusive. Our manifesto presented to the people an Agenda for Restoration of Good Governance and Human Dignity. Its five pillars spoke to our needs across all sectors, promoted access that would leave no one behind.
The reaction was swift albeit as a ploy to win votes.Our campaign prompted payment of salaries, a commitment to push back on common uniforms and questionable mega schools.We have called attention to patronage driven public sector management.

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