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I Will Be Running for Governor because Delta State is the Domain of Poverty, Pat Utomi

Professor Pat Utomi, a renowned Economists who picked APC Gubernatorial form in Delta state decried the high level of poverty associated with Delta State and the reason why he picked the gubernatorial form.
And according to him, Delta must rise again.
He wrote on his Twitter handle;

Over the past two years I have consulted with leaders and the rank and file of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Delta State, the national leadership of our party, as well as other Deltans across the political divide.

After consultations with party leaders and Deltans across the political divide, I began a Delta Arise Series to bring some focus on the issues of the day and the way forward for Delta State.

The feedback from these efforts & the huge support I received has encouraged me to embark on this journey to rescue Delta State from state capture that has impoverished the majority of our people and made the state a huge joke.
If you have a conscience and you watch a people live a fate worse than death, then your spirit must verge on being broken. Being a witness to crushing poverty lived by people across a small pond from oil production platforms
Being a witness and also a recipient of complaints from various quarters that family members continue to die untimely due to accidents triggered by the hardly motorable state of Delta roads leaves me with a feeling of despondence.

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The infrastructure challenges in Delta State dehumanizes our people, such that there is a plague of insecurity as Warri, like all other towns in the State fall into a pale of darkness after 7pm, yet it comes with gas flares.
Philosophically, I am diminished by the death of any human being& the misery of our people. Sadly, such diminishing of the dignity of man is commonplace in our State. This may be what propelled various groups to urge me to join the race in order to restore hope to our people.
Why is Delta State the domain of poverty in spite of such incredible endowments, human and material resources? How does a state go from being the shining light of Western Region, to one that poverty rules and desperation is etched unto the faces of citizens?
In the old Western Region which led Nigeria in innovation and people-oriented policies, the more admired entrepreneurs and civil servants were from the Midwest, out of which today’s Delta State is derived.

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Our state has lost its glory and its dignity, and it is now literally on its knees begging to be rescued from the rot of many years, which is the result of poor governance, leadership failure and the incompetence of successive administrations that turned its back on our people.
Delta State receives very huge allocations, studies show that the monies enter state coffers and bolt out. If the velocity of the money is such that it touches a few more people even briefly, prosperity will visit many presently poor and it will consolidate with the thriving few.
What is more, Delta state is already hugely indebted, thus mortgaging its future generations. And the state acts as though it is unaware of our level of indebtedness. Worse still, the state’s infrastructure is evidently in shambles.
With our current population growth rates, not creating job opportunities for our youths could mean that we would reap a whirlwind of anarchy. God forbid. But prayer is not enough. We must work as we pray. We must all take action now.
Our youths are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but of today, and they are our future. They should be appointed to play a role in administration. Creating job opportunities for our youths will be a priority of our administration.
We must end the era of self-serving leaders and bring about an undiluted focus on Purpose being the essence of public life, and not Power, as has been the case. Our people must be the reason for public service, and they must be at the heart of governance in Delta State.

My growth and development plans for Delta State, if given the opportunity to serve as Governor, will run on a 3-point agenda that encapsulates all of the key sectors:
• Ending Poverty
• Infrastructure development, and
• Empowering our Communities.
It is time to restore hope and dignity back to our people. As we look to a better future with new and brighter possibilities, I commit to providing the required leadership that will inspire all Deltans to be the best they can be. This is my new deal to all Deltans for a new Delta

We, Deltans & residents alike, must all work collectively towards a new future with zeal and determination, to bring about an administration in the state, with sincerity of purpose, a commitment to the common good of our people & a government that will always put our people first.

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Delta must rise up again! Let us arise and push to redeem Delta State for ourselves, our children and for generations unborn.

May God bless Delta State, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!