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Governor Abubakar’s Speech while Submitting His Nomination Form

Today marks an accelerating point in our march towards development. As I submit my gubernatorial forms to my party, and present myself to the people; I want to express gratitude to God and Bauchi State people for the trust bestowed on me.

As a government, we have plugged all loop holes in governance, eradicated the era of sharing government monies, and now it is time to consolidate on these achievements for the well-being of our people.
We have promised that governance will be felt by all, especially those in the grassroots. We have worked with the President Buhari led Federal government to bring federal presence to our state. We have massively invested in Health, Education and Agriculture.
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We are not where we want to be, but we are far from where we used to be.
My fellow statesmen & women, with humility in my heart, and a sense of responsibility; I today, present myself before you, to complete the APC agenda, of raising our people out of poverty – into abundance.
With your mandate, we shall build a Bauchi for all.