Full details of the PACT Agreement by Oby Ezekwesili

Former minister of finance and co-convener of BBOG have given us an insight into how the voting went and how Fela Durotoye clinched the coveted price of being the winner.

Though it was cut short by Kingsley Moghalu rejecting the result and starting in clear terms that he will contest for the Office of the President to the dismay of the public.

According to Oby Ezekwesili who was invited to monitor the whole process who stated on her twitter timeline.

Today, a group of Presidential Aspirants under the acronym of PACT- Presidential Aspirants Coming Together held a Voting among themselves to decide their Consensus Candidate. They invited me to be an OBSERVER.

I observed their process and reported the outcome of their Votes

But after Kingsley Moghalu rejected the outcome of the selection process, Madam Oby Ezekwesili has taken her time to write about everything that occurred during the meeting.

The PACT – Presidential Aspirants Coming Together had thirteen Aspirants at their Opening today. They did inform the Media and audience in the hall, ahead of their voting process, that Sowore and four other Aspirants had moved on at different time since they launched their initiative.

Those thirteen that were there today including Moghalu Kingsley and Fela Durotoye made lofty statements of their collective vision to go together and vote among themselves, one Consensus Candidate. Before they signed their MOU, Ahmed Buhari and Aliyu quietly walked away making the numbers Eleven.

The eleven then finalized their Memoranda of Understanding and signed before voting among themselves: Kingsley Moghalu; Thomas-Wilson Ikubese; Fela Durotoye; Dare Fagbemi; Mathias Tsado; Ayodele Favor Oluwamuyiwa Victor Ani-Laju; Godstime Sidney Iroabuchi; Clement Jimbo; Elishama Ideh; Felix Nicholas .

The eleven presidential aspirants in the first stage of the process, voted for any one of their ten co-aspirants.
Two voted for Moghalu Kingsley, two voted for Fela Durotoye, two voted for Mathias Baba Tsado, one for Ideh, one for Iroabuchi, one for Ikubese, one for Favor Olumuyiwa, one for Fagbemi.

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Thus consistent with the Process they agreed among themselves, Moghalu Kingsley got two votes, Fela Durotoye got two votes and Tsado got two votes became qualified as the three top contenders for the second stage voting. They agreed that the three aspirants would recuse themselves for their eight co-aspirants to Vote.

The eight co-aspirants became seven when Nicholas Felix quietly left but it did not stop the three top candidates – Moghalu Kingsley, Fela Durotoye and Mathias Tsado from continuing with the Process.

So, the seven remaining co-aspirants voted: Durotoye got four votes, Moghalu got three votes and Tsado got zero vote.
They all rose & hugged.

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