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Paris Rape Allegation; Chris Brown Sue’s For Defamation

Chris Brown arrested in France for alleged rape
Chris Brown sues for defamation over rape allegation in Paris

An action on defamation has been filed by Chris Brown, an American singer, on Thursday, after he had been accused of rape by a woman in Paris, his Lawyer said.

Brown, who was discharged this week after one night in the police custody since no charges were pressed against him even having denied the accusation.

Raphael Chiche said thus; “Chris Brown has lodged a complaint with the Paris public prosecutor for slanderous accusations, so that an investigation can be conducted, in particular so that light can be shed on the conditions under which this young woman was brought to lodge a complaint against him and, also, check her motivations.”

Brown, his bodyguard and a friend were detained after a 24-year-old woman alleged she was raped at the singer’s suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on the night of Jan. 15, as was first reported by Closer Magazine.

Chiche said further “Chris Brown affirms that there was no sexual relationship with the complainant.”

Recall that in 2009, in an incident that made headlines around the world had it that Brown pleaded guity to assaulting singer Rihanna, his then-girlfriend, where photo of her bruised face was released.




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